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  • Erik Designer Lampshade

    £19.99 £17.99

    Iconic piece of lighting design 

    Functional and fashionable, these small, pyramid-shape room lights will evoke a relaxed mood in your home together with a touch of style.

    Our ceiling lighting lampshades can be used to draw guests’ attention to your personal style and decor whilst illuminating your home at the same time. Featuring a white finish and inspired by 1970s retro interior design, it’s one of the smallest sized hanging pendant lamps in the range. This one especially is perfect for small rooms in the home such as hallways, bathrooms, toilets and cupboards. Ready-made (not flatpack) lighting lamp shades made from nine identical pieces of white recyclable polypropylene plastic. The shade self-grips and hangs from a standard ceiling pendant cable, with no extra light fittings required. For use with energy saving bulbs only.

    ERIK is available in:

    Large 29 x 28 cm