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  • White Hanging Rack with 4 Drawers & Self


    White Hanging Rack with 4 Drawers & Self 

    A really stylish storage cabinet complete with 4 drawers of varying sizes and 4 antique metal hanging hooks. This white cabinet has a large light wood coloured drawer and 3 different coloured smaller drawers consisting of light wood, darker wood and white. 

    The antique metal handles are in 2 different designs, oval and straight. The inscription below the top drawer reads "HOME is where the heart is" in black lettering. 

    The 4 hooks are situated below the drawers. The overall measurement of the cabinet is 36 x 32 x 11cm. 

    The larger top drawer measures 30 x 9.5cm and the smaller drawers measure 9.5 x 7cm. The gap between the drawers measures 9.5cm.